Speaker and author Jodee Bock is committed to sharing ideas, wisdom, insights, and resources in what she is calling BOCK TALKS.

These talks are similar to the chalk talks she experienced as a high school and college basketball player. In her Bock Talks, Jodee challenges listeners and participants to go from the CHALK or strategizing and planning, to the TALK, articulating and brainstorming the plan, to the WALK, where they carry the plan out in action.

Bock Talks will be loosely organized around the topics of Leadership (BE it), Communication (SAY it), and Accountability (OWN it).

These talks are held periodically online through Facebook Live or Zoom meetings, and are designed based on what listeners and participants are interested in learning more about.

She will be adding to her library with podcasts and blog posts because she truly believes that awareness coupled with conscious impact and action over time will produce a transformed and enlightened community and society.

Join her as she invites dialogue with BOCK TALKS.