POWER … or Force?

What is the best way to get people to do what they need to do … including yourself? Is it to force them or to remind them of their inherent power?

POWER: Purpose. Open-Mindedness. Wisdom. Energy. Responsibility. This is from the inside. It’s more inspiring. Force pushes from the outside. It’s motivational and often based on fear.

We tend to want freedom at work, but aren’t typically willing to be accountable to the work we need to do. So … what’s the answer? Is there a universal answer? Or is it discovering the distinction between POWER and Force for you?

Here is today’s Bock Talk. Is it possible to create a culture where employees can live into their creativity and bring their whole selves to work? Are we building cultures that allow employees to be engaged and share their ideas? If we rule with fear, it may be because we as leaders are in fear.

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