Accountability, Mindset

What are you DOING with your gifts?

How are you using your personal POWER?

Are you coming from contribution or from a mindset of scarcity?

You can either do an abun-dance or live in scare-city. It’s up to you. Whether you take advantage of the choice you have in the matter or not, the choice is always there.

Join me as I share some ahas in each of those areas.

Today I shared information about our upcoming Think and Grow Rich MasterMind study. You can get more information or register HERE.

I also talked about LifeWorks University, where you can be connected with others to learn about making and keeping commitments to yourself as you connect with your own gifts. You can find more information HERE.

Don’t wait to share your gifts. After all, they don’t belong to you. They are entrusted to you by your Creator. And tell people you value them before it’s too late. Like NOW.

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