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I.Q. vs E.Q. vs S.Q. … Let’s talk.

I.Q. has always been an important measurement related to our potential success. Intelligence is important, plain and simple. But over the years we’ve begun to see how mere I.Q. isn’t enough to reach the next level of success, however that’s defined. E.Q. was the next wave: Emotional Intelligence. Daniel Goleman wrote about this in the late 90s, early 2000s.

Are we on the brink of another breakthrough in our leadership with what Cindy Wigglesworth calls S.Q. or Spiritual Intelligence?

This isn’t new … but it’s new-ISH. Cindy has been studying this for decades.

But most of our corporate structures haven’t know how to support the heart, the soul, the spirit that humans bring to the corpus.

Are we ready now in the face of seeming political, economic, and wellness breakdowns?

Let’s talk.

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