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What are you learning?

This messy middle is an opportunity to learn and grow, or to get stuck and shrivel up.

In reading through The Untethered Soul, I have been reminded how often I look for evidence to help me prove that what I already believed about a person, situation, or simply an observation is “true” or “correct.”

When I remember that nothing in itself means anything except the meaning I give it, I can work on my power of observation and notice when the louder voice wants to take control of both the outer world (the one I observe around me) and when I allow the smaller, softer voice (which is the voice of my higher self) to be present. That’s the voice that doesn’t need to talk just to hear itself.

Heady stuff, but really fascinating ideas to ponder,  especially in these days of forced shutdown and slowdown.

Take a listen and offer your own observations and feedback!


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