Awake and Aligned with Nova Wightman

How does one navigate the human experience as a spiritual being?

Join Nova Wightman and me as we talk about just that. Nova is an author and a coach who works those leaders and business people who are ready to dig in and discover what it means to truly live the lives they were created to live.

Life is always trying to get us to slow down, and the COVID “crisis” is not allowing us to ignore the slowdown. According to Nova, being quiet is needed in order to access the deepest parts of ourselves, which is necessary to get present and intentional.

Her work with business people allows them to create disciplines and commitments that turn into habits that allow them to align their vibrational energy with their desired results so the science of the Law of Attraction can’t help but create conditions that make that a given.

Find out more about Nova and her work, including her group coaching, at www.novawightman.com. Click here to get her book “Awake and Aligned”.

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