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Do Good … and do it Better.

You just never know where a great conversation is going to go, but when you have friends like Patrick Kirby, you trust that it will be amazing.

Patrick is the founder of Do Good Better Consulting and a believer that “we’ve always done it this way” is the most dangerous phrase in the English language. ​​​

Patrick has spent over a decade working in nearly every capacity in the nonprofit industry, for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and strives to “Do Good Better” every day. From organizing $10,000 cure walks to $1 million galas, Patrick’s passion lies in creating creative solutions to make fundraising less boring.

During this conversation Patrick tells us how he shifted a huge in-person fundraising convention to an online one in only 6 weeks by being creative, persistent, and by surrounding himself with experts who believe in him and his mission.

If you’re looking for a shot of positivity – no, not a shot – a BLAST! – take a listen.

You can find more about Patrick at

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