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Creativity and Innovation: What’s the Difference?

Today I share some of my experiences working with SolutionPeople in Chicago where I met great friends and learned some amazing information, including the distinction between creativity (having good ideas) and innovation (doing something with them).

I also refer to my passion about creating DIALOGUE, which I define as “suspending previous assumptions in order to learn from each other.” To me, that’s the epitome of creation because if we truly come from that space, each encounter is unique – it’s never happened in that way before.

That’s one of the biggest distinctions for me between dialogue and debate, where the presentation is prepared in advance and delivered. While information is exchanged at best, often it’s one-way and doesn’t involve too much creativity because that’s not its goal.

Listen in as I talk with commenters about this concept and its importance now as we prepare for the 2020 presidential election.

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