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What does BELONGING mean to you?

It seems these days people are willing to do anything to find a place where they belong, including destructive things like lying and stealing and looting.

I think it’s because we’ve become so disconnected from what we truly desire and what we know deep down is “right” and “true.”

As long as we keep looking outside ourselves for answers, we will be continuing to ask he wrong questions.

Peter Block wrote an amazing book called Community: The Structure of Belonging and in it he defines the word “belong” in a couple of different ways. He says the first definition is to be related to and part of something. The opposite of that definition, then, is to feel isolated and like an outsider.

The second definition he uses has to do with ownership. Something “belongs” to me. And what I consider mine I will build and nurture.

Listen in as I talk about the concept of belonging as it applies to me, and also to the world we find ourselves today.

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