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What’s RIGHT With America?

Today I’m listening differently to what people around me are saying. In the middle of COVID and politics and economy and social media.

There is so much to complain about, but today I’m looking for what’s working well.

This episode includes some information I learned by listening to an interview with Patrick Bet-David and Dinesh D’Souza about the documentary “Trump Card.” I learned a lot about how immigrants see our country differently than we might when we might take our American Dream for granted.

Here is that interview:

Focusing on what we don’t want gives us more of that, which should be no surprise. So what are we looking for as we make it through our days in the world of COVID and politics and protesting, etc.?

Do we see America as the land of dreams or have we forgotten what we have right in front of us? 

Here are some of my thoughts and ideas from an interview I listened to on Valuetainment ( and what it inspired in me.

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